Sunday, October 2, 2011

THE FLEA AND ME. . . . .

Yesterday started out a little cloudy with patches of blue sky. . . . . the temperature a little crisp, but the sun so warming to my heart and soul!    A perfect day for the 'flea' even though it would just be me at the 'flea'! (not hardly, the fair grounds were packed with people).

Parked the car (and that wasn't easy!)  Found the entrance gate (very easy!)
and now to find Diane's booth(as I walked through the gate I thought (impossible) I decided to go to the Kane County event
office and thanks to a log book, they were able to direct me!   The barn at
the far end. . . . .side entrance.  There were barns all over the place!
But, I found it and I knew exactly when I had arrived at her booth. . . . .
she just has a look.

Industrial  pails filled with topiaries, old screens and troughs,
metal of all sorts and wonderful lighting made from baskets!

The vintage shutter as a back drop, an old farm basket shining
down on a pail full of wheat.  Beautiful!

An old industrial cart on wheels with a topiary mossed container.
The Baby Tears was in an old poured cement container.  Lots
of test tubes which could be repurposed with flower stems.

Beautiful glass beekers from a science lab of some sort. (These came home
with me!)  Supposed to be reselling these!  Hmmmmmm.

More industrial metal shelves, a memo board made from old green
wood molding, corbels and old metal drawers. . . .

Loved these test tube holders and the vintage round
tin bin under the pail of wheat!  (in fact that came home with
me too)

Old mirrors, more metal, teamed up with bittersweet, wooden boxes
and wheat!  Her look was so easy to love if you had entered the world
of repurposing!  She really knew how to do it!

Another industrial glass dome that would be so easy to use in
any home setting!  A great table centerpiece. . . . .

An old zinc container filled with bittersweet and grain sacks.

The 'full monty'  Ha, well not exactly!   So easy to love even if you are on the edge of
jumping in!  (and I do know that this look isn't for everyone).
However, parts of it could be adapted to anyone's home.

Industrial wheels turned into mirrors.

I coveted this glass jar planted with an herb and vintage scissors and all!
I asked Diane about the unusual shape of the jar and she explained it held
a battery.  Very unusual to have not been broken while removing the battery.
It was fabulous. . . . .I had to remind myself that I was there to prepare for an
event NOT shop for me!

If you should ever visit the Kane County Flea, it is held on the first weekend
of the month, starting on Saturday at noon until five.  Followed by all day Sunday.  Look up Diane Possi's booth,
you will love her mix!

Off I went looking for The Frenchman's Wife. . . . . Diane said I
would like her look and I did!  Lisa has a real gift of display.  She
knows how to set the mood with her finds so as to enhance the
customers eye.  I know the inportance of display after owning
a shop . . . it is everything.  Note the rattan covered wine bottles. . .

Vintage scissors, wooden bowels, metal sugar and flour scooper's and
even vintage light bulbs (forgive me, I have forgotten the name of these bulbs)
I think they are referred to as vintage filament bulbs.

A couple of these came home with me. . . . . The craft paper behind this
had a story all written in French.

Grainy leather suitcases holding wooded mortars and pestles.

Not quite sure who VEILING KAMPEN is, but it was a delivery
crate of sorts.  Loved the squash she had used with it.  Could also be
a great holder of wood for the fire place.

The sun was shining in from a ceiling window and hit these French linens
just as I took the picture.  They were pristine!

An old chair in take-home condition. . . . Loved her old doors too.

A vintage laundry basket and a vintage fruit basket that had
been whitewashed. 

That old farm fruit basket filled with twigs. . . . primitive but oh

More hunting and finding to do, but first there was this old pick up
truck.  . . . .bittersweet wreaths and bunches of bittersweet.  Yes, I did
bring some home.  I selected the green berried wreath in the middle.  The designer
explained that these green pods would open by Sunday and the orange bitter-
sweet berry would show its color.  It is Sunday, I have orange bittersweet today! (tho'
I loved the green berry)

This farmers display of mums was emptying out by the minute.  His
product was so healthy, so many different colors to chose from and his
prices unheard of. . . . . these big mum plants were selling for $5.50 a piece!
Yes, I did!

I came home with old stools, pictures and paintbrushes (of the vintage kind)  This
too is a new collectible!  Artists brushes, draftsman's brushes and that beat goes
on. . . . . a lot of booths had them!

A lot of stuff and something for everyone. . . . all you need is a little
imagination and some time.

All I needed was a little more time and a lot more  money!

This old wire egg gathering basket could have easily come home
with me, but I had no room and it was getting late.  The sun had changed
and I have a feeling it was close to five.  Just then came the announcement
that they would be opening in the morning and the gates would be closing.
Had I really spent 4 hours there?

On the way home. . . . Geneva beckoned and so I stopped and shopped
for a half hour.  There had been a pumpkin carver in town and this is what he
had carved.................loved it.

I hope you all had a happy Fall weekend doing what pleased you!  Today was a planting
day, mums, flowering kale and getting our entrance company ready! 


cityfarmer said...

I was with you there in spirit!!!
Isn't Lisa fabulous!
(frenchmans wife)

It WAS a perfect day in everyb way, except that WE weren't together!

elise said...

Thanks Marianne for all your wonderful comments ! You have always been so kind and real and it was such a nice surprise to see you at the show Saturday !! Xo Diane Passi

Anonymous said...

What a delight for the senses, Mary Anne. You have me drooling over picture after picture, item after item. I haven't been out to Kane County Flea in few long years. Thanks for the inspiration with your pictures, your spirit of adventure and beauty.
The scissors and the battery jar are quite a puzzle, aren't they? I love it!
Enjoy this brisk and beautiful fall day.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wonderful wonderful, Mary Anne!

The sunlight shot of the!

Enjoyed this so much!