Monday, February 14, 2011


While going through some old papers and files last night, I came across some love letters
from my mom to my dad after they had become engaged.  The man she was going to marry
(my dad) traveled a lot and these letters are the letters that she wrote to him while he was away.  Strangely, it was Valentines Eve when I found them and they were beautiful.  It was
a piece of the past that so beautifully expressed their love for each other and the waiting game we all once played.  In fact, one had even been written on Valentines Day many years ago.  Since my parents are both gone, these letters are especially meaningful to me.  It was a gentle reminder on how fast time passes and how fortunate we are to love and be loved.

I adore tulips and three dozen of these wonderful tulips were waiting
for me when I got home from the airport.

                                             Our breakfast table this morning........

                        I wish you sunshine on your path and storms to season your journey.
                        I wish you peace in the world in which you live AND in the smallest corner
                        of the heart where truth is kept.  More I cannot wish you except perhaps love
                        to make all the rest worthwhile.  ~ Robert A. Ward



Vintage Gal said...

Oh that is so sweet ~ what a treasure and you can read those letters again and again. Your breakfast table looks wonderful and the tulips are beautiful ~ you are right we are all lucky to love and be loved ;-)

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Beautiful Mary Anne, I love tulips also.

Most of them do not return each spring, but I keep planting them!


Anonymous said...

So lovely a post and what a treasure you have in those love letters of your mom and dad. To come across them on Valentine's Eve is so meaningful, isn't it? I love those moments in life when things just seem to come together without us even trying.

Your tulips and table setting are beautiful. I just took a few pictures of a bouquet of tulips my husband gave to our little granddaughter for Valentine's day to post soon and then found yours here. Hope for spring!