Thursday, February 17, 2011


Good Morning................well my chairs are gone and the changes are going to be made.  As  interior designers know, we all get involved with the changes our clients wish to make in their homes and on many occasion there is no time left for changes within our own homes.  Plus, isn't it hard to make changes with what is familiar and comfortable?  Well, I have been thinking of making this particular change in my dining room for quite sometime and finally did it!!  I thank many of you who inspired me (yes, I need inspiration to move forward too!) to take the step.  Here are the BEFORE chairs in my dining room.............they are going to be painted and reupholstered.    Our home has been selected to be on a house walk in the Spring and the pressure is on...........BUT, it isn't as though I made a quick decision to move forward!  I had these re-upholstered over 20 years ago!


WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally....................gone, out the door, decisions made.  This detail should prove to also have a very interesting finish.  Time will tell.

ANOTHER BEFORE AND AFTER...................

I have been working with a client in the next town for about a year.  This family has a daughter that is a music major in voice and more specifically JAZZ.  She has recently signed a contract with the son of Ramsey Louis at his studio in Chicago to create and record her first song.  This is the BEFORE of the music room she has practiced in within her home.  The drapes were a balloon drape and badly needed a new fabric resolve.....Her mom wanted her to pick the treatment with which she would be most comfortable.  After all, that was her music room.   I gave them some drawings and pictures to inspire and she chose the most theatrical!!  (I wasn't surprised!) 



Here is a closeup of the treatment which is called an Italian strung.  I selected a Rose Cummings silk taffeta stripe that complemented her beautifully fauxed walls.  This treatment is a little more than what I have been doing as of late............but, considering her sophisticated persona, it really worked.

                                                                         TOP DETAIL

              I was most pleased with the end result and I hope our future STAR will love it too!


while we are on the subject of BEFORE and of these is at birth (5 months ago) and one of these was two weeks ago.................our precious new grand baby.  If this doesn't remind us all
how time flies.  He is my husbands and sons namesake............that would be  " THE THIRD."

                           TWO DAYS OLD                                                        5 MONTHS OLD

                                                    HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

I will have to show this drapery to my daughter for that goblet pleat up at the top. I have been trying to explain it to her.

Your chairs look great so I will have to wait to see an improvement.


Anonymous said...

Mary Anne, your g'baby is a doll!

Can't wait to see your "new" chairs. All the best with the tour. Looking forward to reading about it and photos!

Love the window treatments. Gorgeous!