Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BRIMFIELD ON CLARK...................

The keyword for this wonderful shop in Chicago is NOSTALGIA.  When I first had the pleasure to visit, I was stunned by the creativity of its owner and how she came to be.
The minute I walked through the door I knew I was on to something very special.  There wasn't a corner in this shop that did not beckon.  It was filled with all of the imaginable nostalgic elements that could ever be gathered.   Someone had really hit a specialized niche that I had never seen....................ever!  Plaids were everywhere and vintage fabrics that had once been curtains were now pillows.  Vintage glasses on silver trays, baskets filled with unpolished silver and a rifle box loaded with aluminum serving pieces from the 50's. 


Vintage plaids had gone wild with covered lampshades of
every size and shape

                                               A  painted brass lamp from the 60's with out a scratch


             One of a pair of reupholstered vintage chairs coordinated with black linen.

 Vintage furniture had been recovered in plaids, plaids and more plaids of every conceivable color and vintage.  Tabletops were filled with depression glass that sat on wooden vents from the turn of the century,  filled with votive lights that only twinkled and added to the ambiance. Then there was the formerly crushed velvet French Provincial sofa adjusting to its new duds which just happen to be a plaid of sorts.   Warehouse stools and the milking stool that was only a memory from those days on the farm covered in one of those vintage plaids.......... 

                                                Aluminum Ware from the 50's

                                             AND THEN

                    the wall of vintage plaid blankets displayed in the antique pine wall cabinet
                    all in color coordinated niches..................



                                  PINKS AND ORANGES


                                                    AND BLUES

It was with out a doubt, a feast for the senses and a walk back into time, a time that was all too familiar to me.  The 50's, 60's and 70's became more and more reminiscent as I viewed all of the many items that just seemed to go on and on.

                Swiss Army blanket pillows.......................A bachelor had actually had his dining room chairs
                upholstered with 8 Swiss Army blankets using the cross as the center of the back of the chair!
                They had just been picked up, but they had to have been stunning!

                                                   Anyone for a game of checkers?

A one-of-a-kind "quilt" fashioned from
ski hats


Old champagne bottles and glasses displayed with old books

A successful hunting trip

Does anyone need a thermos?



Vintage leather cowboy boots


Skates, blankets and a thermos or two more

One of Julie's front windows


                                            Before plastic water bottles were delivered
                                                                 for dispensers

*Just a little note to consider....after attending a forcasting event
for color and patterns for 2012, it was noted that toward the
end of this year, plaids will be making a come back in
the world of design as will small prints.

If you enjoyed Brimfield, you can visit in person if you happen
to share the Chicago turf at
5219 N. Clark Street


visit her website at  and tell her
that Always Robins Egg Blue sent you!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Love your new header! This place looks like as gem, used to do a lot of antique shopping on Clark, Broadway, etc. I have no room anymore to be an avid collector! But, I can always look.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous place Mary Anne! I enjoyed this so much.