Thursday, January 20, 2011

CHATEAU DOORS FROM BRUGES.....................

                 The hand carved flowers and leaves that were hidden beneath layers of paint.

While our addition was being built,  I was in Belgium (didn't know you yet, Greet), buying for the store and looking for special objects that would make our 'new' home even more special.  While shopping in Bruges, in  a warehouse filled with gates, armoires, chests, chairs, doors, wooden boxes and chippy painted stuff that words cannot explain, I came across two sets of these doors that had come from a French chateau.  They spoke to me!!

 They showed years of usage (note the three different keyholes ), but what I couldn't see was the great patina (and carved flowers with leaves) that was hidden beneath the layers of paint.  I had the doors sandblasted before I had them shipped to the USA.  Shocked when they arrived, were the carved flowers on the upper door that was undetectable when purchased, because of all the thick paint build up over 100 years.  

I knew that  one pair of these doors was going to go into our home, to be installed on either side of the 16 foot palladium window.    I wanted no drapes at this window and  I felt these doors were the answer.  TA DA!!! They worked beautifully. 

Not only did it serve the purpose of a drape, but it was a unique way to create a window treatment.  It also visually widened the window, making it look twice the size that it really is.  What fun it is to wonder whose keys opened these doors and what wonderful French families closed these doors every night to the outside elements.  Master craftsmanship is an art itself and the carvings on these doors and the breakfast table "legs" only added to the harmony of the old and the new.  (so sorry about the quality of this picture)

These were purchased right out of the office of the gentleman who owned this
grand Belgium warehouse in the Flemish region of the country.  He was using
these to support his desk top.  I bought my own glass when they arrived.


More close up detail of our breakfast table and the hand carving
done so many years

Hats off to you Greet and your wonderful country to which I
have some ownership.   To those of you who have never visited
where you will be treated and influenced the Belgium way


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Beautiful Mary Anne! My armoire in the kitchen is from France and it is lovely. I use it as a pantry. That table is lovely.


Greet said...

Mary Anne,
Thank you so much for your comment the other day! And thank you so much for mentionning me in this most wonderful post of you!! Oh, the doors from Bruges are gorgeous! I was wondering where that warehouse you visited, is situated?
I wish you a very nice Sunday Mary Anne!
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Just breathtaking Mary Anne. The doors and table are fabulous!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Mary Anne
Funny when I saw these doors [especially in situ] I thought of Greet...How wonderful they look.. and how incredible that the carving was disguised by all that paint..

Thanks for popping by.. and thanks so much for your kind comments... Have a great week .. ciao xxx Julie