Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have always been attracted to white.  I love white dishes because the food never clashes and a table setting can be created with just about any accent color imaginable.  We have our color phases, but as I look at the white possibilities in design, the kitchen accessories seem to call out to me.

I have a wonderful kitchen that was updated about 10 years ago.  I wanted pure divided light cupboard doors and knew that what was showing would always have to be in perfect
order and interesting in content.  While visiting a friend a few weeks back (and the first time in her home) I was blown away with her display of white in her kitchen. . .

Her collections of white, glass and pewter were beautifully displayed and easily
accessible.  I promise you that this picture does it NO justice!

I was inspired so much that I marched my little self home and when from a green
cubby to an all white cubby.  I loved it and realized I was long over due for
a change.  It is Fall afterall and I was beginning to NEST.

I have a lot of white and found it scattered . . . . so I gathered!

The soup tureen came home in my carry-on from France.
Silver birds keeping company with pewter seems to work very well.
The pewter revere bowl was a purchase from an estate sale
last year. . . . $2.00

More white, silver and pewter.

My Bridgewater Collection and a vintage pair of salt and
pepper shakers.

More silver, glass and white.  The dinner bell was made from my mom's
everyday silver.

An inspirational afternoon of playing house.

Have you been nesting?  Who has inspired you and what
have you done?


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Amazing post Mary Anne! I am a collector of white, also, as you know. I love your display.

Mary Anne said...

Thanks for your visit. I have too enjoyed your white posts as well. In fact there isn't much that I don't enjoy about Back Porch.....
Mary Anne

Linda said...

Good job, Mary Anne...
Feels good, to switch things up...
See things that have been hidden away...
Your friends kitchen is fabulous...
Come for a visit....we have a new edition!!!

Linda :o)

Red Rose Alley said...

Mary Anne,
Your white collection is so pretty, and you have displayed it nicely. I love the little birdie. I know what you mean, every time I see white in someone's house, it just makes me admire it. You did a great job.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley