Sunday, September 2, 2012


It is a joy to have a son whose selected profession is a chef.  His mantra, fresh and organic.
We learned of the event we just shared with him, a few weeks ago.  It was a Farm to Table event held on the grounds of Round Barn Winery and Distillery in Baroda, Michigan.

The rows and rows of grapes were to be seen on the left as we
traveled down this promising country road that would feed us
for the day.

  Southern Michigan is gaining in popularity for the wine being produced and today we sampled quite a few wineries and the various offerings each vineyard had to share.

 It is quite obvious where Round Barn got its name.  Actually, I have never seen a round
barn before.  It was quite charming in its architectural statement. 

Roger (our son) asked us to get there early so parking would not be a problem.
We arrived and saw smoke billowing from the big white tents accompanied by fragrances
that promised an exciting afternoon of tastings.   As we approsched outside grills, firepits and smokers, each chef was putting final touches on his or her delectable selections that would be sampled when the crowd
arrived.  The atmosphere was in high energy mode with everyone making every minute count! 

Roger's sampling would be olive oil toasted baggette slices with mini
heirloom tomatoes, pork cheek slices with Pickled Green Bean
Panzanella with a corn vinaigrette.  It was amazing!!

He also served small slices of red and yellow watermelon that was
sweeter than sweet!!

His sampling table was what he is,  all fresh, fragrant, natural and appealing

The simplest of serving pieces when gathered together and not fancy,
can be so appealing.  Roger is putting his prepped pork cheeks into a hot
pan to simmer and meld flavors even more prior to the crowds arrival.

Showtime, the crowd gathers and a chef's chosen sampling gets sampled!!

The fresh herbs were a perfect addition to the plated sampling that
awaited you.

Background, right, is Rick Gresh of David Burke's Prime Steakhouse, Chicago.

Roger watching over his responsibility of providing the after party foods.  He
has roasted a pig many times in his career and especially for his fare at the
chef's Bar-B-Que, held on the grounds of the Green City Market every year
in July when 70-80 Chicago chefs and for a fee, provide food samplings
representative of their individual restaurants.  It is a 'sell out' every year.

The VIP tent was most inviting and cool compared to the other tents and
offered an antipasto table full of goodies. 

Handmade truffles of various flavors and shapes, including
salted chocolate caramels that were to die for!!

The chocolate apricot truffles topped with a sugared apricot were
also full of flavor.

The confections were those of Katherine Duncan opening her
candy boutique in Chicago in another week.

Rides were available throughout the day for families, children
or just anyone who wished to travel the vineyard.

View outside the wine barn.

Another Chicago restaurant, Markethouse, with a sweet potato
breadpudding that was quite special!

This sampling from Trenchermen restaurant was cool and refreshing
and delicious!!

Soaked and grilled corn all ready for the post party.

 We couldn't have had a better time at this Check Please sponsored event
The food was great, the venue superb and the people all enjoying many
chefs participating in their each and every individual way. 
If you ever have the opportunity to experience such an event, you will never
be sorry!  I promise!


If you wish to enjoy a wonderful dinner at SOCCA, he is open everyday in
Chicago,  at 3301 N. Clark.  A wonderful European atmosphere with food and
service at its best!  Ask for Mark to even increase your enjoyment at
SOCCA, certainly one of Chicago's best waiters!


Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

This looks like a wonderful time had by all. Cindy

Anonymous said...

What a great event. You must be so proud of your son!
Gloria D.

Ivy Clad said...

Looks like foodie heaven! Everything looks beautiful and delicious! How lucky to have a chef in the family.

Thank you for your visit today! I am anxiously waiting to see whether the ivy on my house will be colorful this fall. I'm with you-- ivy-clad buildings are among my favorites. I'm so glad you found me so that I could in turn find you. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the near future!


NanaDiana said...

Thank you for finding me, Mary Anne. Now I found you back! Your son is a chef? How wonderful! We only have "eaters" in our family- no "cookers"...well, except for me and I am far from professional.

I hope you have a wonderful day and I am your newest follower- Hug- Diana

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It looks amazing Mary Anne...and delicious.