Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi . . . I Am Back and with the color Magenta

Before I begin my first post after 8 weeks of my absence in blogland, I would first like to quickly and simply explain that I underwent a surgical procedure that was far more than what I had bargained for.  If Katy Courig can discuss it on a national news channel, I can at least mention it here.  Following a colonoscopy I was faced with a few surprises that meant colon surgery.  Lots of prayers brought good news that all was benign. Part of my colon was removed and all is well.  I urge all of you after the age of 50 to have colonoscopys with out fail.  I would be talking a differenct story if I hadn't had the routine colonoscopy done.  Enough said.  I am so happy to be back and I have missed you all terribly. 

On to my blog post. . . . . . In defining the elements of my style when it comes to selecting color in a new room, I always tell my clients to begin with a color that they are not going to tire of.  If you begin with lots of color on the wall, you will all too soon tire of that color.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of gray with white or grays with warmth vs. the cool grays.  One of the warm grays happens to be a Benjamen Moore and it is called Thunder.  Another slight gray tone from Farrell and Ball is called Hardwick White, a mere suggestion of gray that too is on the warmer side.  When we have lived with, for example, cream tones and grays, good lighting, texture, books and great accessories, the question arises as to what color can I use as an exciting contrast which will bring drama to a room.  "I want a little change, I want to update. . . "  But, I still want my room to be soothing.  Inspired by a white orchid plant with veins of magenta, the story began.

The two solid magenta pillows are mohair.  I love mohair fabrics
which seem to bring a sense of depth to a color with highlights that
is characteristic of this fabric.  Mohair is a fabric or yarn that is made
wholly or in part of the long silky hair of the Angora goat.  I have done
drapes in blue mohair that were some of the most elegant, but comfortable drapes
I have ever done.

The orchid plant that inspired the drama of color

Entering the family room from the terrace.

The chair was also recovered in a great indescribable color
that was brown, but it wasn't, a touch of magenta in the brown ??
All I know, it was just perfect in the room with the winter white
sofa's and the drama of the magenta.

Great accessories on an antique French zinc document box.

Color lifts one's mood without a doubt. It creates drama
and is surely to make you smile.  Imagine this room without
those pillows.  While it would still be interesting, because of the
great texture all around, it wouldn't nearly be as exciting as
it is with the dramatic touch of color!

I will be back soon!!  I promise!


Linda said...

Oh Mary glad you are better...such a horrible ordeal to go thru...I applaud you :o)

This room is lovely...I especially like the stone fireplace...well done!

You sure have a lot of blog catching up to do!!!

SO glad you are back...I look forward to many more posts from you...

Linda :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maryann,
Welcome back! So glad you are feeling better.
Great post.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Welcome back Mary Anne,

I have missed you and you must be feeling better if you are back to decorating. I love mohair, just covered at couch and chair in it, last forever!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are back. Love that magenta!

Roz M

lifeonthecutoff said...

Dear Mary Anne,

However it happened, I had no idea that you had surgery. It is so gratifying to see you back blogging and decorating and hopefully on the mend. Thank goodness all is benign.

I recently had my second colonoscopy, with a few polyps removed, and am on the 5 year plan. Your words are such a gift to readers who haven't had the first of what I call "roto rooting".

Now, as to those magenta pillows. Love, love, love that pop of color and the inspiration you bring with this post. Penny

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!!!

Please, if you would, tell us about this lovely room (house).

Mary Anne said...

To You Asked Anonymously to have more info on this house. The magenta pillois happen to be in the family room of a very dear friend. She too is an interior designer who has assisted me in a few design jobs here in Chicago. Her home is in Michigan and her talent has been both a joy and inspiration to me. She accompanied me on a european trip and because of her estate sale and auction experiences she taught me well. Her collections are numerous and I am honored to call he my best friend.