Thursday, January 19, 2012


                          Our yearly anticipated trip to Mexico was everything we hoped it would be
                            but, this year held a wonderful surprise that left us all very humbled. . . .
 . .                            

The music, so happy and spirited

The flowers, so tropical and so colorful

Where blue skies meet the aqua blue waters of the sea. . . 

.  .  .  .if you can imagine relaxing under palm-thatched palapas while
sipping Margaritas, reading a book of choice and bathing in the
Mexican Caribbean, then you know how our days were spent, so blessed
and so content.

One of two books I read . . .

The second book of choice

I highly recommend them both!

As members of this resort, we watched these palapas being
                            built by a labor force of hard working Mexican men.  They never
seem to tire, they are so grateful for their jobs and offer kindnesses
that are humbling in spite of their daily wage ~ not to mention
their beautiful smiling faces no matter where your steps take
you daily.

This is the interior (the underside) of a palapa.  The beach
palapas are only about 8' in diameter.

I look at this gorgeous view and I am reminded of the oils
painted by Steve Gianetti.  Brooke, is his wife
 who originated the blog, Velvet and Linen.
Their blog can be found by clicking on this link, ( They have recently launched
a book called Patina Style that is not to be missed)  I call it
my Patina bible.

Mary Anne (that would be me), Roger, Kimmy and her
boyfriend, Rick out for dinner at The Distilleria.  This restaurant
was a former tequilla  distillery with the huge vats still on
the premises.

Glass floats decorated this restaurant in each
and every little space . . .

Mexican crafts and always with candles . . .


. . . . more Mariachi's and our daughter Kimmy

.  .  .  .  this gal could really sing and did so with all she had because
of one of our requests. . . . . . La Paloma

A surprise meeting of friends from the Chicago
Merchandise Mart!!  (borrowed hats from the

Our Kimmy with a borrowed Mexican guitar, serenading my
friends from the Chicago Mart. . . . and this was truly a hilarious
Kodak moment!!


 One morning at breakfast, our waiter for the past 8 years
and whom we had gotten to know and love, extended an invitation
to us for dinner at his home with his family.  (We had sent clothes to
his family after the devasting hurricane about four years ago
and our friendship just began
to grow).

The beautifully set table in our honor . .

I knew it would be an exceptional evening which
would be heartfelt and humbling.

It is no secret that the Mexican culture loves color . . . . the table
was so colorful with there best dishes used in our honor.

The food, the salads. . .

Six year old Alesandra

Buddies. . . .and friends.   Our waiter of 8 years and my
husband who called him our Mexican son!

Accessories in their home. . .

A father and his daughter. . . .

A father and his son, who had just returned from
school. . . . . high school hours were from 1:30 p.m.
to 7:00 p.m.  He would join us for dinner.

A very small bathroom that was guest ready
and spotless!

The tiny bathroom so small, I soon realized that the
sink was outside the bathroom door with flowers, fresh soaps
and guest towels for use.

A vintage cabinet for the purpose of great storage usage
chippy and all!!

As I descended the cement steps and looked up, I
caught the perspective of this perfect little place that
was too precious for words.

The galley kitchen

Good byes at their front door.

I just knew we were in for a real treat from the day of the invitation
to this memorable night.    This small casa, so welcoming and so warm
with children so well behaved and so respectful of their parents. . . .
the food, the gift of friendship shared with us so givingly and with
pride.  My heart was heavy when we left knowing that his earnings
for a couple of days made this night possible.
WOW, I knew this experience would be life changing and it was.

Until we meet again  (as I clicked my camera and as if on command
a seagull flew across this sunset) and made this
effort none other than perfect!

                                                                   Buenos Nochas


Judy said...

What a wonderful post Mary Anne! I love going to Mexico, the color of the water there is unbelievable.

How special you were invited to dine at your waiter's home and that food looks delicious!

We're heading back to Savannah next month, one of our favorite places to visit. We also decided we're going to try and get to London for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2 years. That would be my dream trip!


Anonymous said...

A beautiful and heartfelt post, Mary Anne. As lovely as it all was, I can't think of anything more special than being invited into this home and the graciousness that you found there. A true gift of gratitude and friendship. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Anne said...

Dear Judy:

Yes, THE INVITATION was so special.
I am so happy you enjoyed the post. Enjoy your stay in Savannah. I am hoping you will find rest and relaxation which is just so good for the soul.

Mary Anne ox

Mary Anne said...

Penny at Life on the Cutoff. . .
I know you would have loved this experience. My words were not enough to share this so genuinely precious time of our lives. . . it really left a mark on my lifetime memory.

Mary Anne oxox

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I just loved all of these pictures! Your friend's home is so charming. I have always wanted one of those sculptures with the family gathering around eachother. I almost bought one one day. Mexico is so pretty. We went there years ago, and had a wonderful time. Your friend's table setting is lovely too, and so colorful. Your daughter looks beautiful, and I really liked the picture of all of you. Thank you for sharing your special vacation with us.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

cityfarmer said...

as always you transported me to the front door of the casa ...
you captured it to the T

glad you went, glad you're back

it looks like a little bit of heaven

designchic said...

What a beautiful place with water that it amazing. Looks like a great time was had by all!!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Mary Anne,

I've been to Mexico a few times. The weather and the people are so nice.

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I enjoyed your pictures.


Jennings and Gates said...

It sounds like a marvelous time! Thank you for sharing your pictures!