Thursday, March 17, 2011


There is nothing more inviting to the senses than the gift of travel in midst of winter when you think you cannot bear to watch another flake hit the ground.    The  opportunity to revel in a moment of time, to observe, to take in and to enjoy a mid-winters escape to the warmth of a tropical place........and a mother/daughter get away to top it all off!


This past weeks trip took us to another culture and a yearly awaited treat, as we traveled to our time share resort in the Mexican Caribbean.  It is like being home and the familiar staff, like family.

We had one stormy afternoon, but this picture shows the beauty of the aqua sea.  You can see the misty sky and the rain over the sea.

                                                    The sun setting over the Caribbean


Early morning walks, after sunrise.................absolutely nothing like it.  Since I have been
a blogger, I find myself observing and enjoying small discoveries that BB (before blogging) I might never really have appreciated.

                              The abundance of little gifts from the sea . . . . . .

Early morning walks with just the sea and me.   You have to perform for no one, there are
no demands, no phones ringing and the beauty of the sea a reminder that we all need moments of solitude and soul washing.

This year round beach home is immediately south of our resort.  It is typical with its colors
and tile rooftops.

This home was almost completed last year only in formation.......the all white exterior a surprise this year upon its completion.  So comtemporary, but so beautiful. . . .


The house next door. . .

                    This is the underside detail of a Palapa.  They come in all sizes and are hand
made by two to twenty men depending on the size.  These serve as shelters from the sun at beachside.  Some are much larger and can cover an entire outdoor eating area.

These are most desireable for the beach bather.  The sun gets so hot
and they serve to shelter you from the rays of the hot sun. . . . . "the early 
bird gets the worm" so to speak!

This palapa is a little fancier and covers a dining area that seats
about a hunred people.  It is a Thai restaurant that has become
quite popular.

It is no secret that the Mexican culture produces beautifully
colored ceramic tiles and the fountains and tropical plants only
add to the passion of this country.  There are beautiful fountains

A handpainted wall in a restaurant we frequent.


                         This restaurant has been created around an old tequila distillery.
                             The vats still exist and serve as a backdrop throughout the interior.


No trip is complete without the Mariachi's and a song or two.

A Mexican chef at work

Even this restaurant has signage.

This ole guy looks as tho' he might have had
a little more fun than we did.

More plants and lush greenery.

Palm trees dominate our property.

The beautiful reflecting pool in front
of our resort.

                                                     Resort landscape and architecture.

Through the Hibiscus

The storm coming in. . .

A Caribbean storm doesn't usually last very long........

Nor do their sunsets..........

This is the lagoon side (west) of the resort.

Being at one with nature,  the air, the sea, the formations of the beach
and all that surround the sea, allows the senses to be away from the hustle
and bustle of everyday life.  The mind is relaxed and we are once again renewed
to rediscover the unknown when we return home to life as we live it.

To my precious daughter, I thank you for sharing your week with me.
It was priceless!!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great Spring header and what a fun trip. The resort and the beaches look beautiful.


Anonymous said...

beautiful mom

thank you for your beautiful self and sharing it with the world


Steve-O said...

Lovely photos...lovely women!

Anonymous said...

I had to come back here a few times to soak in the beauty, the warmth, and the delightful spirit of your time away, Mary Anne. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images, Mary Anne! Wonderful trip!

Love the tulip header!

Splendid Willow said...

I want your life! (:

Beautiful images and how wonderful it must have been to spend some quality time with your daughter. I have 2 (7 and 9) and I love their company!

ox, Mon